Ranked Nationally Development Packages

A committed long term development towards national level potential. Looking at 200 plus hours of development from no experience to national potential. Receive support through goal and periodisation planning. Be guided on the efficient and effective steps to reach an opportunity of direct school admission. Parents receive regular reports on performance.

This is a selective process and limited slots available. 

Some Pathway Development Results of players under Matt Charlie’s Training

  • 2015 – U12 Boy Ranked 80th to U12 Top 10 
  • 2016 – U12 Boy Ranked Top 10 to U14 Top 5
  • 2017 – U10 Boy Ranked 90th to u12 Boy Ranked Top 20. 
  • 2018 – U12 Boy Ranked 60th to U12 Boy Ranked Top 25
  • 2019 – U12 Boy Ranked Top 25 to Top 3 and 1 for Doubles

Matt has been teaching my daughter for many years. His focus on technique, strategy, and mental strength has helped her take her game to the next level. His background of education/psychology enables him to “speak her language” and build a rapport with her which makes the teaching even more effective. I highly recommend Matt!

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